Different reading of the “lazy und unfair” Greeks – counterSlomka ;))

Well explained: The real situation.

But once Greece frees itself from the odious debts forced upon it at financial gunpoint in 2010-12, its balance of payments will be roughly in balance (subject to some depreciation of the drachma; 30% is a number I heard bandied about in Athens last week).

To mimic Margaret Thatcher, “There is No Alternative” to withdrawing from the eurozone. The terms dictated for remaining in it was to sell off all of what remained in Greece’s public sector to European and U.S. buyers, at insider prices – but not to ….

Faszinierend, jedes Mal: Scharf sehen ohne Brille trotz Sehschwäche!

Seitdem ich hiervon erfahren hatte (Danke, Andrea; Andrea-Klassen.de ;)), habe ich selbst mit den billigsten Versionen (eBay, 2-3 €) sogenannter Lochbrillen immer den gleichen Effekt erlebt und erleben lassen:
Was ich wegen „Altersweitsichtigkeit“ ohne nur unscharf erkenne, kann ich mit einer schwarzen Plastikbrille mit ein paar Löchern drin plötzlich turboscharf sehen!

„EyeBody – freier und bewusster leben ohne Brille“

Außerdem soll das Tragen die Augen entspannen UND trainieren! Während Lesebrillen mit optischen Gläsern immer dazu führen, dass die Augen schlechter und schlechter werden – soll diese verlorengegangene Sehkraft sogar wieder zurückholen.


Science Suggests Bassists Are Far More Important Than Most People Realize

”Respect the bass.“ – ”There are powerful neurological and structural reasons why our music needs bass. It’s time we started treating bassists with the respect they deserve.“


I didn’t read through yet – but since it sounds pretty reasonable, and so whole important!

Quelle: Science Suggests Bassists Are Far More Important Than Most People Realize | Music.Mic

From Victim to Creator!

“Those who succumb to victimhood never look in the mirror; they never take responsibility for their fate.”

(Gilad Atzmon)


And so I try to be pretty careful about that .. feeling like a victim, when I feel that I’ve been treaten bad – which anyway usually reflects that I did / understood something wrong – which gives me the chance to create sth better from now on, see it more clear, act on a broader basis from now on!

And that, in fact, turns me from feeling like a victim to being the mighty one, ….

Alison Weir – so cruel, & speaking to / outta my heart!

To Alison Weir’s reply to JVP..

[1st comment I wrote directly to her:]
So cool, what you did / the way you acted! – That you tried to clarify, and communicate directly with them, that is crucial (except communication partner avoids communication.. ;)) for example.

Haha, your experiences on tour sound amazingly like the ones of Gilad Atzmon.. ;))

[to Ronnie doubting Alison Weir’s reputation]
Well, I either don’t know her – but in a way some of her words speak for themselves (right?) :
“My goal is to try to ….

The Wondering Who?

Am I .. German, a man, white?

Yes, I am.*

But more than that in me works this:
I am human.

With opportunities.

Which I use whenever I think/feel/know:
It’s necessary!


Yes whenever I don’t do it wrong –
which I (as everybody else! ;))
1st percept
2nd ignore
to be actually able to do something .. wrongly!

:)) )

* Are others different, some of them really bad even?
Yes they are.

But they are also pretty similar, and even the bad are good at different ….

Top 6 cancer preventing (healing?) foods / three sources

You can find your own truth – e.g. by reading / concering these infos / experiences / researches:
healthywildandfree.com · www.healthydietbase.com · www.health.com 

In detail it’s:

“Top 6 Cancer Prevention Foods Of All Time”

The Top Alkalizing Foods On The Planet:

1. Kale: Kale is one of if not the richest alkalizing food on the planet. It’s rich in many vitamins and minerals that alkalize like calcium and magnesium. It’s a great source of chlorophyll which plays an important role in alkalizing the body.  This is also a very strong anti-inflammatory ….