Top 6 cancer preventing (healing?) foods / three sources

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“Top 6 Cancer Prevention Foods Of All Time”

The Top Alkalizing Foods On The Planet:

1. Kale: Kale is one of if not the richest alkalizing food on the planet. It’s rich in many vitamins and minerals that alkalize like calcium and magnesium. It’s a great source of chlorophyll which plays an important role in alkalizing the body.  This is also a very strong anti-inflammatory ….

Giftig und nichtmal für die Zähne wirklich gut? — „Fluorid und der große Zahnbetrug“

“Fluorid und der große Zahnbetrug”

„Verfrühte Pubertät, verringerte Fähigkeit freie Radikale zu bändigen“ – Hui, Fluorid kann also für eine ganze Menge (auch erhöhte Allergieanfälligkeit?) verantwortlich sein, und bestenfalls den Zahnschmelz „härten“ (was nichtmal unbedingt gut ist; Alternative: 8 Teile Ingwerpulver, 1 Teil Eichenrinde, 1 Teil Minzpulver, wird dort geschrieben :)) ) ?

Wow! Wird nicht manchmal sogar Salz Fluor zugesetzt? Scheint einfach eine superbillige Entsorgungsmöglichkeit zu sein, uns Allen das einfach in den Rachen zu stopfen. – Hier alle Infos lesen… (und bitte gern Feedback dazu geben. Danke! ;))

[und mein „gutes“ Aminfluorid ….

Wonderful touching (and fortunately true) poetry: Her World is Mine – and a giggling heart :)) )

How wonderful!
Isn’t it?

How touching, and saying so much of what I so often thought, and felt, and percepted, and .. was .. (fortunately:)) )

Thank very much to Nahida Izzat / Nahida Exiled Palestinian for writing down (and sharing ;)) these beautiful words!

PS: The pictures are very nice and talking und underlining as well.
PPS: Flying, while my heart is .. giggling :)) )

Her World is Mine | Poetry for Palestine.

Dangerous Child Labor on West Bank Farms

Poor. Sad.

 Watch the Video (3 minutes):

Dangerous Child Labor on West Bank Farms Watch: It’s illegal in Israel but allowed in settlements – Settlers employ Palestinian kids in hazardous farm work.

Posted by Human Rights Watch on Montag, 13. April 2015

Dangerous Child Labor on West Bank Farms
– Human Rights Watch

Montainer makes architecture easy & affordable: TreeHugger

Montainer makes shipping container architecture easy : TreeHugger.

The initial price of the base module, $ 65,000 seemed high at first, but when you consider the time and administrative cost in offering full service, including design and permit review and managing code compliance review and final inspections for a product that a lot of inspectors and examiners don’t understand, it is not that unreasonable.