”Blue Solar Water Heals the Body and Spirit“ – Here Is How To Make It

Ich probiere es gerade aus .. also: bald. Blaue Flaschen stehen zwar draußen, aber statt Sonne regnet es (bin nicht sicher, wie sehr Regenstunden zählen, von wegen ”nicht mehr als 12 Stunden“.. ;)).

How to make Blue solar water?          All you need is a blue glass bottle (the shade of blue is not important) and fill it up with filtered, spring or plain tap water. You also need to make sure that the cap you seal the bottle with is not made of metal. It can be glass or plastic, but never use metal. The cap only ….

Top 6 cancer preventing (healing?) foods / three sources

You can find your own truth – e.g. by reading / concering these infos / experiences / researches:
healthywildandfree.com · www.healthydietbase.com · www.health.com 

In detail it’s:

“Top 6 Cancer Prevention Foods Of All Time”

The Top Alkalizing Foods On The Planet:

1. Kale: Kale is one of if not the richest alkalizing food on the planet. It’s rich in many vitamins and minerals that alkalize like calcium and magnesium. It’s a great source of chlorophyll which plays an important role in alkalizing the body.  This is also a very strong anti-inflammatory ….